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Methodology of work

Theprograms offered by APO’s Nutrition and Health Center are aimed to help patient who are seen as individual and not as an  number that belongs to an ethnic group or age group. Our weight management programs focus in the investigation of how the individual relates to food and what is that patient’s weight history. Wether the patient’s goal is to lose or gain of weight, our progrmams take into account the personal lifestyle and the eating patterns of each patient.

Based on the information that we obtain from the patient’s eating habits and lifestyle, an individualized and nutritionally balanced diet plan is designed to reach the ideal weight.


Usually the first visit takes longer time, about 45 minutes, for the purpose of a thorough assessment of the patient’s health condition. After the first consultation, the patient must return biweekly for a complete review of the progress of the program and to receive a complete new diet plan until the target weight goal is reached. It is important to say that within the two weeks that the diet plan is being used by the patient, we provide complete support via phone or email for any question and difficulty the patient may face. Our programs are designed to help healthy patients or patients who may have any condition related to poor eating habits and dietary defficience. The results have been proven by hundreds of people both in the United States through our in-office clinic services and in other countries through our ONLINE services.

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