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Our programs consist in a set of confidential one-on-one virtual meetings designed to assist you to establish and achieve your nutritional goals while we walk you through your challenges. Each human being is unique in regards to their genetic characteristics, health condition, age, height, metabolism, eating habits, physical activities and they should be considered as unique when defining nutritional goals and how to achieve the best results and excellent health.

Our one-on-one sessions are educational and will teach you the foundations and the best practices of Nutrition Science. We'll also design a customized personalized diet plan that fits your individual needs.

Our programs have been tested and proven by hundreds of people in the United States and in many other countries through our very special ONLINE services. We are delighted to help you achieve your goals and be in great Health.




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We believe that everybody desires to eat the right kinds of food and take care of their bodies - this is a fact! APO combines the perfect mix of technological tools and professional guidance to teach you how to make better choices every day for your success.

We believe that by developing the right plan, by teaching you an educational foundation in nutrition, and by creating a healthy lifestyle, you'll be able to achieve a long-term success. Here at APO, your personal nutritionist will meet you where you are and will never force you to eat what you don't desire. Your health is always our priority.

We believe that a successful program, whether it is intended to lose or gain weight, gain muscles or for merely weight maintenance, only takes place when the goal mirrors your "normal routine". With that in mind, your nutritionist will teach you how to choose the right foods to eat and adjust the quantities as well, so that you can achieve your goals. During the phase of weight stabilization, you'll continue to eat the same foods you normally eat, but we'll adjust them in order to maintain the proper amounts of calories and nutrients according to your needs.

Now, that you know what we believe in - Find out on the next topic - HOW WE BUILD YOUR PLAN.

You will Eat Real Food, because that's the way it SHOULD be. Preparing and selecting your own meals is a key component of our programs.

First, your nutritionist will determine how much energy your body needs to make it through a normal day. By factoring your age, height, gender and other factors, we'll calculate how much energy (measured in calories) you will need to achieve your goal, whether it is for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance or muscles gain. We know that everybody's personal chemistry is slightly different, so we use - calorie range - just to determine the macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins and fat) proportions to guide the food intake and to target the ongoing goals. These proportions (diets plan) will be modified every 15 days after the first visit-plan with the intention of using different kinds of foods on the menu so it is more pleasant and to always make sure the plan progresses towards your goal.

After the first visit with a designed diet plan, we'll meet every 15 days in our virtual sessions. This process allows you to change the entire diet-plan and talk about the information that you inserted in your daily-log. This will build improvements and block out bad habits. We understand that making small changes are easier than make massive readjustments. So, by meeting on a regular basis helps you keep on track and be more accountable to your goals.

When considering In building your plan, two factors are key:
• You should not be hungry.
• You should eat a variety of foods.

Our goal is for you to eat 3 -7 times a day. This includes a combination of larger meals and smaller snacks. In all visits we will calculate a tailored diet-plan for you with the right foods and proportions. It is important to say that you will participate in the decisions of choosing the foods during the process of designing the diet- plan. It is very hard to be successful if you are “forced” to eat foods that you do not like. Furthermore, it will be even harder to create a sustainable routine if your meals do not fit your schedule. We can plan your meals to be simple and family friendly.

However, certain rules are non-negotiable: You'll need to follow the plan and eat only what is in the menu and within the proportion we decided together for your plan during the next 15 days. Throughout the process, your nutritionist will provide you with educational materials, encouragement and support. You can do it!

Our weekly emails and material posted in the BLOG will provide the science behind the plan and update you in all new researches in the Nutrition Science field we find relevant to your success.

We desire that your experience be - Transformational!

Well, now that you have your customized and personalized diet-plan to achieve your goal, logging your data will be essential to measure your progress!

Logging Your Food Is crucial, because it allows you to identify the areas you may need improvement and shows current habits and patterns. By following correctly the prescribed diet-plan will help you continue to make positive and healthy improvements daily. If, eventually you need to skip the diet because you have a party to go, or meeting to attend with specific menus, you can send us a message in the chat before you go. We'll be able to make the necessary changes without compromising your diet-plan. It is also, extremely important to LOG in your water intake, daily activities, if you are sick, if you are going to the bathroom, sleeping time, if you started using new medicine and everything new that is happening with you. I can't stress enough how important this data logging is to help us help you achieve your goals without delays.

We understand that sometimes you need a little extra help. In our website you will have a CHAT that you can always leave messages. We have a 24 hour-window policy to answer all the questions of our patients. However, we'll do our best to be on top of every need as quick as possible.

We also have a vibrant online community in our FORUM and you can connect with all our patients to support one another. A significant portion of living a healthy lifestyle is to have proper mental wellness. Staying focused and motivated can be very difficult on your own, so we like to foster this community of encouragers and be able to connect you with others that are going on the same journey as you.

Once you have achieved your initial health goals and progressed from your stabilization period, your nutritionist will continue to meet with you to ensure your new health practices have become lifelong habits.

Be connected and don't forget to LOG everything in!

Welcome to OUR customized programs.

All programs - The first session is designed to find out about your concerns and determine yours goals. After that, we will begin brainstorming and start the implementation of the plan to facilitate the changes that you need in your daily routine in order to achieve your goals and resolve your concerns. In determining the appropriate changes, we will discuss realistic changes according to your daily schedule, food preferences, social influences, health conditions. If you decided for the DNA TEST package you will be amazed at how making changes can build into significant lifestyle improvements as your follow THE RIGHT PROGRAM.

To start a PROGRAM or take it the DNA test, please call us at:

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Monday-Saturday at 8.00 am-2.00 pm.

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