Appointment terms


APO Nutrition and Health Center LLC – Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this agreement is to arrange for dietetic consultation by the APO under the ownership and practice of the nutritionist Ana Paula Ornelas and to establish the amount of compensation to be paid by the Patient (client).

APO services and weight management plan

APO provides nutrition information and one–on–one counseling to assist you in your personal nutrition efforts in order to help achieve your goals. APO structures its program into three programs: Basic, Preventional, Renew and DNA test. The patient will choose which program fits him best or choose only the DNA test.

APO does not provide medical advice and is not a helthcare provider

APO is not a medical organization and does not provide medical diagnosis. The information and reports generated by APO should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, care or treatment. APO specifically urges you to get regular medical checkups. APO program is healthful, but is not intended to treat any illness or disease alone or be a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

APO’s Health Notice

If you are being treated for an illness, taking prescription medication, or following a therapeutic diet to treat a disease, it is critically important that you immediately share your APO nutrition plan with your medical provider. Any modifications made to the plan by your medical provider should be followed. The APO program supports a safe rate of weight loss, but if you are losing weight at a greater rate than designed, you must contact us immediately. You are responsible to assume liability for following the prescribed APO diet plan and also responsible for alerting your healthcare provider and APO about it.

APO’s Additional Requeriments for certain Individuals

If you are a minor (less than 18 years old), APO requires a parent signature to begin any nutrition program.

APO’s use of your personal information

As a critical component of our programs, APO may ask you for relevant personal information, including questions regarding your medical history. This information is used to build your APO plan and to support effective ongoing counseling and support.

APO’s Payment Plan

You agree to provide payment for the APO program or DNA test. The cost value of each program or DNA test is explained in our website in the “program” section. The number of consultations shall be determined by the needs of the patient with the approval of both the nutritionist and the patient or designee.

All payments are to be completed via direct bank transfer or credit card  payments. Declined credit card payment will be assessed an additional $25 processing fee. Payments for your program shall be made in full at the time of the purchase.

Once you agree to our terms, choose your program or just the DNA test and make the payment, you will have a 6 months period (starting at the payment date)  to use the service of  your choice. You have the right to cancel your scheduled appointment in the calendar 24 hours before your booked appointment without losing it. If the appointment was scheduled and was not held without any notice of cancelation, APO reserves the right to considere it as a  missed appointment and it is charged  as part of the current number of consultation of the designed package program or DNA test . We highly recommend  our clients to chose the desired program or DNA test, pay for it and start as soon as possible scheduling.

After you accept the terms and make your payment there is NO refund policy in APO programs or DNA test.

APO’s dispute resolution process

APO and you agree that in any action or proceeding arising from, under or pursuant to this agreement, you collectively shall, and do hereby absolutely waive and unconditionally waive, trial by jury.

Responsibilities of the Consultant
APO under the ownership and practice of the nutritionist Ana Paula Ornelas shall provide the services of a qualified Nutritionist. The APO sole responsibility hereunder shall be to provide consultation to the patient.  As such a consultant, the nutritionist shall give guidance and counsel to the patient as follows:

1. Develops and implements plans of nutritional care for individuals, based on assessment of nutritional needs. 2. Maintains a summary of the patient’s consultation activities. 3.Collaborates with clients according to their unique background, assess needs and  resources to establish mutual goals monitoring the progress towards the client’s  goals and outcomes. 4.Counsels the patient in regards to his personal nutritional needs. 5. Makes appropriate referrals for continuing nutritional care.  6. Implements quality practice by the Code of Ethics.

A. APO  under the ownership and practice of the nutritionist Ana Paula Ornelas shall make recommendations necessary to comply with all rules and regulations of the federal, state or local government, bureau or department applicable. The patient, however, is responsible for approving, and maintaining those recommendations made by the nutritionist.
B. The patient hereby hires the nutritionist to provide consultation services. The patient hereby consents and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the nutritionist from any liability arising as a result of neglect or improper administration of the nutritionist suggestions and recommendations, both therapeutic and management related.

Final Acknowledgement

I have carefully read and understand the agreement described in the above paragraphs. I explicitly acknowledge and understand that: (i) APO’s services and materials are intended for use only by adult individuals or supervised child by his parents who can healthfully engage in a nutrition program and I am representing to APO that I can healthfully engage in a nutrition program consistent with APO’s policies, (ii) APO is not a medical organization or healthcare provider and I will seek medical advice and attention as necessary during my engagement with APO, and (iii) APO is not responsible for and does not assume any liability for managing my body’s physical and/or emotional needs and I assume full responsibility for any personal injury to myself with respect to any and all injury or harm to my person that may occur as a result of my work with APO. I release APO , its officers, employees, and agents, from and any all claims, demands, liabilities, and damages for alleged injuries relates to or arising from my enrollment or participation in any nutrition program or activity of APO, including its products and at its facilities. There is no refund policy after the payment for the APO programs or DNA Test.